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Beach Etiquette

  • Apply the golden rule.  Your nude beach conduct should be the same as your textile world conduct.  Practice politeness and consideration.

  • Respect the privacy of others. If there is a lot of room, then give people a respectable distance. Recognize when you are unwelcome.

  • Never walk on the dunes. Respect wildlife and environmentally fragile areas.  Some places were never meant for humans to tread.

  • Avoid endangering the natural habitat with fire, pollution, or even potentially dangerous foodstuffs. 

  • Public sexual activity is inappropriate and illegal. Your beach neighbors may call the sheriff when inconsiderate individuals violate lewdness prohibitions.

  • Please help keep the beach clean and remove your trash. The beach is not an ashtray.  Carry out cigarette butts.  Pack it in, pack it out, and leave only footprints. 

  • No glass containers on the beach.  Bring non-breakable eat-ware.  Practice safety.

  • Pets are not permitted on the beach.  Nearby Walton Rocks Beach (two miles south) is the only designated "dog beach" in St. Lucie County.  

  • Refrain from generating noise pollution.  Use earphones or keep radio volume low.  At the beach you are invited to experience nature's sounds.  Listen to her.

  • Please exercise common courtesy with cameras.  Do not photograph people without their permission. Practice politeness by asking first. Never photograph any children but your own.

  • Gawking is rude, just as in clothed society.  Refrain from this uncivil behavior.

  • Dress before leaving naturist beach areas.  The parking lot and trail are for the dressed.

  • You are encouraged to walk along the shoreline, where the sand is firm.  Not only is it more refreshing, you'll avoid kicking sand up as you pass others.

  • Observe all local beach rules, safety regulations, county ordinances, and state laws.  Review posted signs with beach rules and regulations, including park closing hours.

  • When the situation fits, consider carrying a towel when you leave your beach spot. Avoid surprising "textiles".  Use your towel as a hygienic place to sit when visiting with others.


​Public sexual activity is inappropriate and illegal. Florida statutes 800.03 & 800.04 provide for misdemeanor and felony penalties for public lewd behavior.

Illegal Trespass into the Dunes:  Citizens Taking Action

If you see people illegally entering protected dunes, you as a citizen can do something about it. First call the Tallahassee based Wildlife Alert Team at 888-404-3922 and report it. Click on Wildlife Alert to view their Facebook website. They are part of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, which administers parklands. To have law enforcement dispatched to Blind Creek Beach, call 561-357-4200, extension #7. Fines involving illegal dune entry range from $100 to $500. The fear of fines or arrest should act as a deterrent. 

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