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An Orientation to the Beach


Blind Creek Beach is located at 5460 S Ocean Dr (State Road A1A) on Hutchinson Island in Fort Pierce, FL on Florida's Treasure Coast. The map coordinates are Latitude N 27°21'07.2" Longitude W 80°14'25.6".  A helpful website for locating latitude and longitude coordinates is:  This is the precise location where the Blind Creek Beach Parking Area trailhead meets the beach.  If using a GPS locating device, use these coordinates because some systems may not render the street address correctly.


​Managed by St. Lucie County Parks, Recreation and Facilities Department, the beach is part of a 409-acre (166-hectare) upland and wetland preserve featuring a mile-and-a-half (2.4 km) of beachfront dunes and seashore fishing. 

What to Bring

Blind Creek Beach is pristine and primitive, with only limited public improvements, including a picnic shelter, a crushed-shell nature trail, and a panoramic observation tower. Portable toilets are stationed in the Blind Creek Beach parking area. The park still does not offer any fresh water or showers. You must bring all you need for your visit (e.g., food, water, sunscreen, beach umbrella, and chair) and pack all of it back out. This includes trash, which you may place in the receptacles at the dune crossover.

For safety's sake, do not bring glass containers. Pets are not allowed here (County rule). You may take pets to nearby Walton Rocks Beach, which is located about two miles south of Blind Creek Beach.

Getting There

Coming from the south, the Blind Creek Beach parking area entrance is located 8 miles north of the Jensen Beach Causeway. At the roundabout on Hutchinson Island where Northeast Causeway Blvd. intersects with South Ocean Drive (A1A), drive north exactly 8.1 miles. Coming from the north, Blind Creek Beach is located precisely 7.7 miles south of the Fort Pierce Beach (South Beach) roundabout, where Seaway Drive intersects with South Ocean Blvd. When you reach the Blind Creek Beach parking area, park in the main (sand) or overflow (roped-off grass) lots. Follow the designated path through the dunes. Keep in mind that entry into the dunes is prohibited and is a punishable offense. As you face the ocean on the beach side of the trailhead, the naturist section extends 1,000 feet to the right (southward) and 1500 feet (northward). If you head south 1000 feet, you'll encounter the FPL Power Plant "no trespassing" signs on the beach. Our recommendation is to go no further. In consideration of textile beach users, please do not go nude outside this range. No nudity is tolerated in the parking area or on the dune crossover trail. The rule: Leaving the beach? Do it dressed. 

No Tresspassing

There is no trespassing on FPL property, which is the owner of the St. Lucie Nuclear Power Plant. Please observe and obey all FPL "no trespassing" signs. In this day and age security is a legitimate concern. FPL's beachfront property extends to the mean high water line. Technically, you may stroll further along the shore on the narrow area of wet sand on the ocean side of that line. Nonetheless, our recommendation is to stop at the "no trespassing" signs, which are situated 1000 feet south of the Blind Creek Beach trailhead. 


Until Saint Lucie County officially designated Blind Creek Beach as a legal, clothing-optional beach, visitors would bring their own signs to notify others that they might encounter nude sunbathers ahead. Many creative folks made signs, carried them to the beach, then carried them home again. Now though, with the June 2020 designation, the County has installed permanent signage that clearly informs people they are entering a clothing optional beach. Let those signs guide you as you enjoy your day in the sun, surf and sand.

Protect Your Property

Unfortunately, vehicle break-ins occur up and down the Florida coast. Follow expert recommendations to minimize the chance of being targeted for theft of items inside your vehicle. If in view, hide it. Always lock all doors. Being vigilant and proactive is best.


No matter what you wear, the highest naturist standards of conduct must prevail. Foremost, no sexual conduct is allowed anywhere in public. Refer to Treasure Coast Naturist's Beach Etiquette for greater information and other advice.

Spread the Love

Please patronize local businesses and other area attractions and let them know your primary draw is to visit the nude beach at Blind Creek Beach. The more locals you tell, the greater support we will have for our naturist beach. Find out what to see and do via St. Lucie County's official tourism website:

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