Parking at Blind Creek Beach

Two parking areas exist for access to Blind Creek Beach's clothing optional shoreline. Please always strive to park at the southern lot entitled "Blind Creek Beach - Parking Area". On those holiday weekend occasions where it might be full, then you may park at "Blind Creek Beachside North - Parking Area".  This northern access is covered in more detail below and is where many boaters park while using the nearby boat ramps on Little Mud Creek. To view both parking lots together on one map, scroll down to the bright green map below. The parking area at Blind Creek Beach holds between 50-60 automobiles, depending on how efficient people choose to park.

parking 1.jpg

Blind Creek Beach - Section 1 Overflow Parking:

The Section 1 overflow parking lot has enough room for 15-16 cars, if everyone parks correctly. Users should park facing east or west and avoid large gaps between cars. This particular parking overflow lot is situated on higher ground and is therefore less marshy.  It's important that people avoid blocking the only entrance to Section 1.

Blind Creek Beach - Section 2 Overflow Parking:
The Section 2 overflow parking lot is generally part of a wetland.  Yet the terrain can be high and uneven in other spots.  Nonetheless, it's open for parking if needed.  The trick is to avoid blocking its two entrances, which are virtually unmarked.  The Treasure Coast Naturists board has petitioned local administrators to clearly mark these entryways better.  Hopefully we'll report on better signage soon.


parking 2.jpg
parking 3.jpg

Blind Creek Beachside North - Alternative Overflow Parking

About one mile north of the main "Blind Creek Beach - Parking Area" is the "Blind Creek Beachside North - Parking Area".  On weekends when demand for naturist parking reaches capacity inside the southern parking lot, this northern destination can be used as a last resort for naturist overflow parking. Its primary purpose is to provide parking for boaters using the nearby boat ramp. But your tax dollars paid for this public parking lot too.

​From the northern parking area, the pathway to the beach will lead you to the precise boundary demarcating the naturist zone and the clothed zone. Unfortunately at this time no signage exists to inform people of this distinction. The ability to educate and remove friction between differing user groups underscores the importance of this website. 

At the point where the pathway meets the beach, you can turn left (heading north to Little Mud Creek Beach) where you will immediately enter clothes-mandated shoreline territory. You must wear a bathing suit from this point northward. Conversely, if you turn right (going south to Blind Creek Beach), you will enter the clothing optional beach zone.  This extends approximately 6000 feet or a little over one mile southward.  

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