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Parking at Blind Creek Beach

The main parking area is located at

5460 S. Ocean Drive, Fort Pierce, FL.

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Blind Creek Beach - Section 1 Overflow Parking:

The Section 1 overflow parking lot has enough room for 15-16 cars, if everyone parks correctly. Users should park facing east or west and avoid large gaps between cars. This particular parking overflow lot is situated on higher ground and is therefore less marshy.  It's important that people avoid blocking the only entrance to Section 1.

Blind Creek Beach - Section 2 Overflow Parking:
The Section 2 overflow parking lot is generally part of a wetland.  Yet the terrain can be high and uneven in other spots.  Nonetheless, it's open for parking if needed.  The trick is to avoid blocking its two entrances, which are virtually unmarked.  The Treasure Coast Naturists board has petitioned local administrators to clearly mark these entryways better.  Hopefully we'll report on better signage soon.


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