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Supporting local businesses just makes sense. Did you know that …


  • Locally owned businesses return more money into the local economy than national chains. When you spend $100 at a local business, $68 remains in the community. Local retailers return three times more than chains, while local restaurants return twice as much as national chains.

  • Local businesses are more likely to utilize other local businesses such as banks, service providers, and farms.

  • Local businesses are owned and operated by your neighbors! They care about and are invested in the well-being of your community and its future.

  • When you buy locally, the business owner is usually directly connected to every employee in the store. That leads to a personal approach that often means any problem you have is taken seriously.

  • Local businesses are more accountable to their local communities and donate more money to non-profits.

  • Supporting local businesses is even good for the environment because they usually have a smaller carbon footprint than larger companies.

With those facts in mind, take a look at the local companies that support naturism, the beach, and TCN.

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